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Allison McIlwraith

B.Kin (Hons), R.Kin, M.OMSc

Allison, a Flamborough native, has a strong background in various healthcare disciplines and a genuine love for the arts. She currently serves as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Kinesiologist, competitive dance teacher, ergonomist, and industrial sports medicine professional.

With a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Toronto and a Master’s in Practice diploma of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, Allison has gained extensive knowledge in her field. She is a Registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (COKO) and a member of both Osteopathy Canada (OSTCAN) and the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA).

Recognized for her expertise, Allison received the Diamond Reader’s Choice awards in Flamborough and Guelph in 2021 and 2022. During her undergraduate studies, she discovered osteopathy and was immediately drawn to its practical approach, focusing on the relationship between structure and function in the body. This blend of her passion for movement and understanding of biological science sparked her commitment to helping patients restore their health.

Allison is excited to build her practice in Guelph and assist a diverse range of individuals in optimizing their self-healing abilities. Her warm and genuine approach reflects her dedication to the well-being of her patients.

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What is osteopathy?

The human body possesses inherent self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. However, when you experience illness or pain, there may be structural obstructions that hinder the natural functioning of these healing processes. These obstructions can arise from misalignments in bones, muscles, fascia, ligaments, or visceral structures. They can disrupt the flow of vital components such as nerves, blood, lymphatics, and waste drainage systems, which are essential for sustaining life and eliminating metabolic waste.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners employ a range of manual techniques rooted in principles to alleviate or eliminate anatomical restrictions present throughout the body’s superficial and deep layers. By doing so, they restore the body’s normal physiological function, allowing the healing process to initiate.

Osteopathy, a drug-free and non-invasive form of manual medicine, offers benefits to individuals of all ages and conditions. It prioritizes the overall well-being of the entire body, rather than solely focusing on the injured or affected area. Osteopathic treatment is suitable for people in all stages of life, ranging from infants and teenagers to adults and seniors. Through this therapy, patients can experience symptom resolution, prevention of future ailments, and an enhanced quality of life.

What can osteopathy help with?

Our osteopathic services address a wide range of conditions and concerns, including:

    • Acute and chronic pain
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Congestion and sinus issues
    • Digestive problems and drainage
    • Women’s health
    • Pre- and post-natal care for both mothers and babies
    • Pre- and post-tongue tie release body work
    • Musculoskeletal conditions
      Posture improvement and mobility enhancement
    • Arthritis management
    • Nervous system issues
    • Sleep cycle optimization
    These are just some of the areas where osteopathy can provide effective treatment and support for your overall well-being.

    Our Team

    Our Team - Allison Mcilwraith with Royal City Osteopathy in Guelph, Onatrio

    Allison McIlwraith

    B.Kin (Hons), R.Kin, M.OMSc

    Owner, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
    and Registered Kinesiologist

    Anna Peters


    Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and Doula

    Matthew St. Denis


    Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

    Team Members


    Anna Peters - Our Team at Royal City Osteopathy.

    Anna Peters


    Anna Peters comes to Osteopathy from a background in herbalism, and a deep love for the natural world. Anna (pronounced Ah-na) returned home to Ontario to attend the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy after 13 years on the coast and in the mountains of BC and California where she pursued work as a birth doula, studies in western and ayurvedic herbalism, organic farming, natural building, and permaculture design. Anna is a member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA) and Osteopathy Canada (OSTCAN).

    Osteopathy aligns with Anna’s lifelong appreciation of holistic systems, as it is a practice rooted in the observation of natural systems, modern scientific knowledge, and the wisdom that a more functional system is a healthier, more resilient system.

    Outside of the clinic, Anna enjoys gardening, cooking, creating art, and frolicking outdoors. She has a personal passion and professional commitment to supporting her patients’ optimal health and wellbeing.

    Matthew St. Denis


    Matthew was born and raised in Guelph and is a registered Osteopathic Manual Practitioner with a passion for holistic healing and movement. With a background in yoga, Reiki and personal training, he is committed to helping his clients achieve optimal health through osteopathic treatments that are tailored to their unique needs.

    Matthew is a graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and a registered member of OSTCAN. He combines his anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics knowledge to provide safe, effective, and sustainable treatments that improve mobility, reduce pain, and enhance overall well-being.

    In Matthew’s free time, he enjoys staying active by working out, playing hockey, cooking healthy meals, and travelling to new places. He is a proud cat owner who believes a balanced lifestyle is key to optimal health. He is committed to providing compassionate care, personalized attention, and evidence-based treatments that empower his clients to live their best lives.

    Matthew St. Denis - Osteopathic Manual Practitioner at Royal City Osteopathy.


    Are you covered by insurance plans?

    As a recognized member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association, we issue treatment receipts for insurance reimbursement. However, it is essential that you verify your policy details with your specific plan and insurance provider.

    Please note that we do not handle any paperwork related to WSIB, disability, or MVA claims.

    How do I pay?

    Payments are due at the time of your appointment. We accept debit, credit, cash, cheques made out to Royal City Osteopathy Inc. or e-transfer to

    What should I wear to my appointment?

    Please wear comfortable, stretchable clothing that allows for movement of all joints and different ranges of motion during treatment.

    Try to avoid non-stretch jeans or skirts/dresses.

    Shoes, belts, glasses, large jewlery, etc. will be asked to be removed before your treatment.

    What happens if I miss my appointment?

    While we understand that life can be busy and unforeseen circumstances may arise, please be aware that our schedule is dedicated to serving you.

    To ensure fair treatment opportunities for all patients, we kindly ask for a 24-hour notice for appointment cancellations or rescheduling. Without a 24-hour notice, a full visit fee will be charged.

    If you arrive late to your appointment, only the remaining time will be utilized, and the full fee will still apply.

    What happens if I need an emergency appointment and nothing is available?

    Contact the clinic directly, through email or phone, and we will do our best to help and guide you in the right direction.

    We also have waitlists that you can join through our online booking system.

    What should I expect after my treatment?

    Osteopathic treatment extends beyond the clinic, initiating physiological changes in the body. It is normal to experience mild muscle soreness within 72-hours as your body adapts to these structural adjustments. To maximize the benefits of treatment, consider the following tips:

    • Take a leisurely walk
    • Stay properly hydrated
    • Consume nutritious food
    • Ensure quality sleep
    • Pay attention to your body’s cues and signals

    Where do I park?

    Free parking is provided behind the Grotto, accessible from York Rd. You can enter from the back of the building and walk through the gym space to reach the front clinic room. Alternatively, parking is also available in the front of Building C, which shares the plaza front with Royal City Brewery. This parking area can be accessed from Victoria Rd.


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